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Boost your Hungarian!

Accelerate your

Hungarian speaking skillsby  joining our

Hungarian Speaking Club!

Here's what you will gain by joining the Speaking Club:


In the Club we focus exclusively on improving your Hungarian speaking skills by engaging in numerous conversations with fellow learners. 


In each session you will discuss different topics in small groups to build up confidence in speaking about various subjects.


You will receive valuable tricks and tips how to overcome your language barriers and how to improve your fluency in order to practice your knowledge with more ease and confidence. 


By participating regularly in the live meetings of the Club you will find the words in Hungarian more easily and you will feel more confident when speaking Hungarian, allowing you to initiate and keep longer conversations, regardless of the topic in front of you.

The Speaking Club is tailored for internationals. 
t is for you, if you:

goal HU.png

Have an intermediate to advanced proficiency in Hungarian.


Sometimes it is hard for you to find the words in Hungarian when it comes to speaking.


You want to become more independent and to have longer conversations with Hungarians.


You are eager to strengthen your Hungarian speaking skills. 

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You seek to  build up self-confidence and fluency in conversing in Hungarian.

Yes, I want to become more fluent and
confident in Hungarian!

Count me in!

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Szia, I'm Sofie / Zsófi 

I am a native Hungarian and my mission is to make the stay of internationals easier and more comfortable in Hungary. 

As a Hungarian I experienced the foreigners' challenges in 4 different European countries. Each time it was quite difficult for me to adjust myself to the local culture and to learn the local language until the point where I felt comfortable in my every day life.

When I met my Italian husband in Hungary, I got a deep insight into how foreigners feel when they plan to settle in Hungary. Helping him through this (many times not easy) journey was the foundation of my mission. This is to help you and other internationals to feel at home in Hungary.


With my fun, interactive and practical online group courses I want to show you the culture and mentality of Hungarians. Step-by-step building up everyday language skills, I want to support you to find your confidence in speaking Hungarian, to prepare you to make friendships with locals and to make your time in Hungary count. 

"Zsófi is such a thoughtful and engaging teacher and really cares that her students get everything that they possibly can from her courses. In 4 weeks you can get so much cultural and language information.
I highly recommend it."

Andy, UK

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