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Meet & greet the Hungarian language and culture

Become familiar with the language and

comfortable with the culture

in an 8 week online course focusing only on practical stuff

Here's what you will gain from this course:


You will get a deep understanding of the Hungarian culture and mentality and you will learn practical basic language skills (no bull...) to feel more comfortable

in your daily life.


You will find out why Hungarian is considered one of the most difficult languages and how you can make your learning process easier and faster.


You will practise real-life situations to increase your confidence and take your first steps towards making your time in Hungary count. 


At the end of this course you will be able to introduce yourself, speak about your origins, read street signs, handle numbers and will be prepared to manage your daily tasks and shopping in Hungarian. You will be able to carry out  your daily interactions with less stress and with more joy.

This course is specially designed for internationals.
t is for you, if you:

beginner HU.png

You are a complete beginner in learning Hungarian.

Are planning to move or visit Hungary

Are planning to move to Hungary

Are planning to move to Hungary

Just moved to Hungary


Are living already since some time in Hungary

The course is meant for people who want to build up an everyday language knowledge and increase their level of well-being in Hungary.

If you would love to get the grip of the culture and language, you are at the right place!

Why is this course different then other Hungarian language courses?


The course is based on my own personal experience with learning languages (I have learned 5+1 [my mother tongue] languages so far) and based on the practical needs of internationals when they live in Hungarian surroundings. 


My main source of inspiration for this is my Italian husband, who has reached complete fluency and confidence in speaking Hungarian, 'till that point that people don't even notice about him that he is not a native Hungarian. 


My course is unique also in actively combining the cultural aspects with learning the actual language. Also based on my own experience, learning any language becomes more interesting and easier if you parallelly get to know the culture as well. By this you will feel yourself more at home in your Hungarian surroundings. 

Yes, I want to join this awesome course!
Count me in!

Sofie S.png

Hi, I'm Sofie / Zsófi 

I am a native Hungarian and my mission is to make the stay of internationals easier and more comfortable in Hungary.

As a Hungarian I experienced the foreigners' challenges in 4 different European countries. Each time it was quite difficult for me to adjust myself to the local culture and to learn the local language until the point where I felt comfortable in my every day life.

When I met my Italian husband in Hungary, I got a deep insight into how foreigners feel when they plan to settle in Hungary. Helping him through this (many times not easy) journey was the foundation of my mission. This is to help you and other internationals to feel at home in Hungary.


With my fun, interactive and practical online group courses I want to show you the culture and mentality of Hungarians. Step-by-step building up everyday language skills, I want to support you to find your confidence in speaking Hungarian, to prepare you to make friendships with locals and to make your time in Hungary count.

"I got to know about this course through a friend and I can not thank her enough for sharing this with me.
This course starts from covering the basics - like pronunciation of alphabets 'till covering the grammar as well.
Before joining this course I had tried learning Hungarian through different applications and an online course as well, but this course outline is very good and for me this course has been
the best course to learn Hungarian."

Sidra, Pakistan

Thanks for submitting!

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